Purpose of “by 30”

Though the theme of this website is “by 30” the content is really applicable to all ages.   Regardless of age, we all want to be secure, confident, and fulfilled in our lives.  I think all of us over 30 would agree that we wish we knew in our 20’s what we know today.

If you are in your late teens or 20’s, you need to think about your life and future.  Life has this funny way of kicking your ass down the road if you don’t.  In my opinion, our 20’s are the most important years of our lives.  We make so many lifelong decisions during this time that it’s critical we are intentional in figuring out who we are, who we want to be, and the impact we want to make in the world.   There seems to be unlimited resources ‘out there’ offering professional development opportunities.  You can do all the professional development you want, but if you’re not thinking productively . . . if your energy isn’t focused on the right things . . . you may never maximize your potential.

I call this Personal Leadership.

Who are you?
What are your values, beliefs, and expectations of yourself and the world?
What is really important to you?

Who do you want to be?
When you really understand who you are, you can start to create your vision, set goals, write your plan, and make it happen.

What impact do you want to have?
Once you start living with intention two things are going to happen.  One:  The people around you will notice.  Some will like it and some won’t.  Two:  You’ll see the world different than you once did and with that your opportunity to impact and lead will become clear.

Choose your identity or you might wake up one day and realize it’s been chosen for you.

30 might be next year or feel like it’s far away, but it’s a milestone where we tend to look at our lives compared to where we thought we would or should be.  If we feel good it’s not a big deal.  If we don’t it can be disastrous and a key motivator for making some pretty life altering decisions based on discomfort and insecurity.  I would describe this as a “Mid-Life Crisis”.   Thankfully my mid-life crisis hit me at 24 and “by 30” I had accomplished everything I wanted to.  For the record, I prefer to call my experience a “quarter-life crisis” . . . kicking the bucket at 92 sounds much better than at 48.

Another reason to take things more serious in your 20’s is society tends to give you some freedom to make mistakes and reinvent yourself, but if you don’t have your shit together by 30 the world starts to lose confidence in you and wonders if and when you’re going to get it together.

The real tragedy is when people start to lose confidence in themselves.

Your life can and should be awesome . . . at least, that’s how you should feel about it.  Do you believe me?   Did you roll your eyes or mumble to yourself when you read that?  Is it uncomfortable to think about . . . life being awesome?

I’m not suggesting life will be perfect or without challenge and stress at times.   And I’m not talking about rah-rah motivation stuff or simply thinking positive or you running around with a smile on your face all the time. What I am talking about is simply being intentional and productive with how you think about your world.

When you do this you will experience greater control and stability, which will lead to security, happiness, and fulfillment for years to come.  That’s the goal right?

This website is a culmination of resources and things I’ve studied, experienced, and continue to learn.  I know my purpose and where I bring the greatest value to the world and that’s helping others.  I’ve been studying motivational psychology for 9 years.  As a business coach with E-Myth Benchmark I worked with small business owners all over the country helping them think more productively and strategically about their life and business.  As the VP of Professional Development with the Des Moines Young Professional Connection I had the opportunity to talk to and work with young professionals just like you.  Some were fired up about life and knew where they were going and some were confused, unfulfilled, and searching for answers.

All I’m trying to say is . . . don’t let life kick your ass!

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