Be Impulsive!

“Being impulsive” is something I’ve been trying to work on over the past few months.

I want to be more Impulsive! defines Impulsive as:

“actuated or swayed by emotional or involuntary impulses

Yes, I have been working on allowing myself to be swayed by emotional or involuntary impulses.

When I started studying leadership 10 years ago, everything I was learning drove me to become less impulsive and more calculated.  I trained myself to be more objective, seek greater understanding, and assess situations before making decisions.  Leaders have a very intentional way of approaching the world that allows them to make a difference and influence people around them to do the same. 

I wanted that!

Over the past 10 years I have been very intentional with how I have approached the world, whether it was achieving the “By 30 Vision” I created when I was 24 or how I over came the adversity that comes with a struggling business and marriage in my early 30’s.  While I was far from perfect, I rarely veered off course from being the man I needed to be and fulfilling my purpose.  I was able to maintain organization, balance, and achieve success in the four key areas of my life: health, finances, relationships, and career.  But, for how secure and confident I was in the direction I was going… I felt like I was missing something.

I was ignoring my impulses!

I realized I wasn’t listening to myself like I needed to.  I wasn’t trusting my gut.  I knew my purpose, was confident in where I was going, and I understood what kind of man I need to be, but I would feel impulses to take action and I would talk myself out of it.  I would rationalize why it wasn’t the right time.

It had to stop!

I would find myself in situations where these thoughts and emotions would hit me like a bolt of lightning and I finally started to listen and trust my impulses.

Three things have happened because I’ve decided to be more impulsive.

  1. I’ve started building a relationship and mentoring a 16 year old young man who recently became a father.
  2. I’ve started working with a local non-profit focused on providing life skills and leadership development to teenage boys 13-17 years old. 
  3. I’ve started creating the vision and laying the foundation for something I’ve been thinking about for years.

These three things have all happened within the past month and a half, because I let myself be impulsive.  


Impulse is like many things in this world.   It can be good or bad. 

Proceed with caution!

We all know people who are impulsive.  They make quick and emotional decisions that rarely lead to positive results.  Many times the choices make sense in their heads, but appear to be the result of misguided and mismanaged thoughts and emotions.

On the other hand we all know people who seem to “have it together” and they appear to maneuver through the world with a tenacity, confidence, and success.

What’s the difference?

The people who appear to “have it together” have done their homework and invested time and energy in themselves.  They have a greater self-awareness, understand what’s really important to them, and know the impact they want to have in the world.  

They have purpose!

If you know your purpose; start being impulsive!   Listen to yourself, trust your gut, and start impacting the world.

If you don’t know, figure it out!   Your world depends on it!

I dare you to Be Impulsive!


About Jason Kiesau
Jason has been studying personal, professional, and leadership development for over 13 years and is passionate about helping people confidently pursue and achieve meaningful results. He is a speaker, trainer, coach, and author who works with leadership groups, emerging leaders, and young professionals. Jason is a contributing author with The Good Men Project and and was honored as a 2014 Forty Under 40, an award given to 40 local business leaders under the age of 40 who have demonstrated impressive career achievements and unparalleled community involvement. You can learn more about Jason at his website:

One Response to Be Impulsive!

  1. erinina says:

    Great insight! Have you done any research into the gut brain theory or your unconscious self? The gut brain theory is pretty fantastic, and has a lot of science behind how it actually works. Could be really interesting in showing how your impulses work. I’m not as sure about the unconscious self theory, actually just heard about it and need to do my research, but may fit in to listening to the part of us that at the surface doesn’t seem to be making rational decisions, good or bad. Love the site, keep up the good work!

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